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South Africa Hunting - Located at the Southern most tip of the African continent, where the Indian Ocean Meets the Atlantic, South Africa has long been a destination for safari hunters. South Africa's diverse species, ease of travel, and modern amenities all make it a top destination for today's safari hunters. From big cities to beautiful countryside South Africa has it all.

South Africa was not always a top destination for safari hunting. Farmers and ranchers had decimated the wild game populations in order to make way for livestock grazing. The relatively recent boom in safari hunting in South Africa is due to the realization of the government and farmers that hunting is a much more profitable use of their land than traditional farming.

South Africa has the most modern airline/airport system on the continent and is the jumping off point for safaris in many other countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Mozambique. This makes travel to South Africa for a hunting safari quite convenient. South Africa's strict firearms rules can be confusing and hunters traveling with firearms should use an experienced company to help with firearms processing. The T. Jeffrey Safari Company offers complete firearms handling services for their clients.

The terrain in South Africa can vary from the Kalahari desert in the Northern Cape to rolling hills, large mountains, and deep canyons in the Eastern Cape region in the South. The weather during hunting season is very pleasant and most of South Africa is malaria free.

In recent years, landowners have reestablished huntable numbers of game species. For example, South Africa's Eastern Cape has over 30 huntable species of game. Many of which are reintroduced indigenous species. These species may be hunted on huge ranches or farms that are set up primarily for hunting. Kudu, gemsbuck (oryx), bushbuck, impala, blesbuck, hartebeest etc may all be hunted within a few miles of each other offering the safari hunter a great opportunity to take multiple species on one safari.

South Africa's infrastructure is very stable and inviting for hunters. Most lodges have excellent facilities for hunters. All but a very few in the bush have electricity, running water, flush toilets etc. Game processing facilities are excellent, and are subject to frequent government inspections. Most of the ranches and farms that have been converted to hunting lodges have amenities that border on luxury, certainly when compared to an American hunting camp. Many of them even have satellite television and internet service available.

The T. Jeffrey Safari Company has been able to negotiate some very affordable hunting safari packages in South Africa that offer an outstanding variety and are easy destinations to travel to. With the current exchange rate safari hunting in South Africa is extremely affordable. A hunter can buy a complete 10 day hunting safari to hunt 8 species for about $6,500.