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Mozambique Hunting - On the coast of the Indian Ocean, bordered by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania, Mozambique is one of the least-developed countries in Southern Africa. Bisected north and south by the Zambezi River, Mozambique's terrain runs from thick forests to swamplands and even palm forests. With its coastal proximity, the climate is mostly tropical.

Getting to the capitol, Maputo, is simple, with flights from Johannesburg and other major cities.

Mozambique hunting is on the comeback. After years of war, political instability and chaos, Mozambique seems to be in a promising situation and Mozambique hunting could experience a resurgence. Game populations are increasing after years of hardship caused by massive poaching. Current-day Mozambique has seen the government working with local people and safari operators to ensure the Mozambique safari hunting industry and local population reaps the benefits of the nation's wildlife renewal. As a result, poaching has decreased and the overall attitude among Mozambique's citizens has changed.

Leopard, lion, Cape buffalo, elephant and hippo are among the high-quality trophies taken on Mozambique safaris. There are also good numbers of trophy quality southern greater kudu, Chobe bushbuck, nyala, eland and crocodile.

Mozambique is clearly a country where you must take your malaria medication and you should expect rugged conditions. Be prepared for both extreme heat and cold. Most safari camps in Mozambique are of the traditional East African style.

The T. Jeffrey safari Company is currently exploring Mozambique hunting opportunities in Mozambique and we encourage you to check this website often for announcements of any arrangements made for Mozambique hunting.