How a Good Roof Contractor can Recognize a Damaged Roof

There are a number to things that can damage your roof, including weather, debris/fallen branches, mold and wear and tear. In many cases homeowners may not be aware that their roofs are damaged. Leaks, molding and areas where light is creeping in are all signs that a roof may be damaged.

Ways to Recognize a Damaged Roof

Other ways that a roof can be determined to be damaged are staining, peeling and sagging. Each of these will take place in different areas. Staining will typically be noticed on the interior walls of a home. It can also appear on the ceiling. These types of discolorations could be caused by moisture finding a way to enter into the home. One way this can occur is by ice dam leakage.

An ice dam leakage consists of large pieces of ice forming on the roof. The area in which the ice is formed is normally accumulated at the very edge of the roof. Once this dam is created, the water that usually rolls down, will now be stopped. It will now just sit, until it finds another area in which to travel.

These areas will turn out to be inside of the home, down the sides of the walls. When this happens, not only is walls and ceilings damaged, but also the insulation. This can turn out to be costly. In some cases the entire roof may need to be replaced. A roofing contractor would be able to evaluate the damage and decide on what needs to be done.

If the roof does need to be replaced a good roofing company such as will have all of the supplies needed to perform the work and would come up with a decent and fair amount to charge the homeowner. Before a homeowner makes a decision they should make certain about the costs. Sometimes the costs of the supplies are separate from the costs of the service/labor.

Getting the total amount written down on a receipt might be helpful. In the event of unexpected circumstances, the initial costs may be increased. If this occurs the owner should be notified immediately, before proceeding.

When it comes to peeling, the exterior of the home is often damaged. A damaged roof can cause water to stand in one place. When this happens, the trim of the exterior can be affected, due to water invading the space.

The drywall will eventually begin to become soaked. Afterwards, the peeling of the exterior paint will begin to peel. Peeling paint can be fixed with the help of an expert. The process isn’t that costly. It requires removing the paint, and using sandpaper to smooth out the area. Afterwards, the area can be repainted.

And lastly, the sagging will occur on the roof. It is generally, very noticeable when a roof is sagging. Once a roof becomes so saturated with water, it becomes weak. The heavy weight of water will make it unstable and it will began to sag and then eventually fall.

In this situation, a roof replacement would be preferable to a roof repair. Of course if the leakage was noticed months ago, this incident could have possibly been prevented. But once the damaged has gone so far, a roof replacement is the only alternative.

Roofers are always enthusiastic to make routine inspection appointments. Inspections can save the homeowner money in the long run. Also, if there are cracks forming in the ceiling, heat during the winter or cold air during the summer could be escaping. This could cause a higher energy bill than expected.

An inspection can identify problem areas on the roof. The earlier the issue is noticed the better. In many cases also, if a costly repair is needed, if detected early, the homeowner now has more time to save and prepare for the work. Instead of being caught off guard, and having to come out of pocket immediately.

Keep in mind, when a roof needs a repair it is not as stable. Certain parts of the area on the roof, perhaps has grown weak from standing water etc. If a storm comes, the roof will be that much more vulnerable. So the damaged after the bad weather is worse, than it would have been with a strong, capable roof.

Roof maintenance is critical, in order for it to last many years. An annual inspection can catch small leaks and cracks before the issue grows larger. Finding a reliable contractor to make yearly routine inspections have been known to prevent quite a few unpleasant surprises.