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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Zimbabwe Slides Further Into Chaos While The Rest Of Africa Looks On

Things are getting even crazier in Zimbabwe. If that's possible. Robert Mugabe and his thugs are arresting and administering beatings to his political opponents, and the rest of Africa's leaders are encouraging him.

As a meeting of the leaders of most countries in Southern Africa ended today opponents of Mugabe's government were brought to trial. The leaders of those Southern African countries have essentially condoned Mugabe's behavior by telling him to continue to oppose the West.

This can only spell further disaster for Zimbabwe. Just as it looked as if the opposition was gaining some ground they were "submarined" by the leadership of surrounding governments.

This is a shame for folks who have Zimbabwe hunting safaris scheduled for this season. There is word that there have been a number of last minute cancellations by hunters. Until Mugabe is gone I think Zimbabwe is a crap shoot for those hoping to go on a hunting safari there. Hopefully that will change soon so that country's excellent safari operators will be able to run their operations more safely and reliably.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The T. Jeffrey Safari Company To Sponsor Africa Seminar At NRA Annual Meeting

The T. Jeffrey Safari Company is sponsoring a seminar at the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting in St Louis Missouri April 13 - 15. The seminar on Friday April 13th at 3 PM will focus on hunting in Africa. Noted hunting writers Craig Boddington and Bob Robb will be the featured speakers. Boddington will focus on dangerous game, and Robb will discuss plains game and archery hunting. Part of Robb's focus will be on just how affordable an African safari hunt can be especially in Namibia and South Africa. If you plan to atttend the NRA Annual Meetings please be sure to come to the seminar and stop by our booth #213 to say hello.

NRA Women on Target Hunt Sold Out!!!

The T Jeffrey Safari Company partnered with the NRA to offer one of the first Women on target hunts conducted in Africa. The hunt is scheduled for August 12 -1 23 and will be attended by NRA President Sandra Froman. It promises to be an excellent hunt and we are certain that all the ladies will have a great time. The hunt is co sponsored by She Safari who agreed to supply 3 days worth of safari clothing for each woman who participates.

We are discussing whether or not to hold another one as soon as possible because demand for slots on the hunt was remarkable. If we decide to hold another one we will get the word out as soon as possible.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Innaugural edition of "Notes From the Field"

In this very first edition of Notes From the Field I am very happy to report that there has been a positive development on the Northwest Airlines firearms surcharge issue. A few weeks ago we learned from The Hunting Report that NW Airlines announced that they would be charging $150 per rifle each way for trans Atlantic and trans Pacific flights. This would affect many safari hunters headed to Africa. It is outrageous that they would add such a steep fare increase simply because a person was headed on an African safari. What is interesting is that they did not implement the same policy for items such as golf clubs etc.

When I heard about this I called the National Rifle Association's Manager of Hunting Policy Darren LaSorte. The NRA Institute For Legislative Action worked their magic and NW Airlines has reversed their policy and the charge has been rescinded. Not only have they waived the $150 charge, they have also waived the 62" linear inch restriction for gun cases. Most cases do not fit under that arbitrary size limitation and therefore incurred additional charges.

This is a great victory for those who travel to hunt and we are grateful to the NRA for fixing it and the Hunting Report for pointing it out.

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